About Us

Our name says it all, tokens direct from the factory at factory-direct prices. Buy bulk tokens direct and save on every order. We are a small business started inside a huge factory that makes coins and tokens for businesses all over the world. Our only mission is to provide tokens of great quality and design, quickly and easily, to video game operations, batting cages, parking facilities, car washes, laundromats, amusement parks, and toy vending machines using tokens at factory-direct pricing.

TokensDirect’s core values are Sincerity, Competence and Reliability. You can believe what we say and count on us to remember what we promise. We know what we are doing when it comes to making and delivering tokens and above all, we keep our promises over and over.

50 Years of Token Making

After more than 50 years of coin and token making, TokensDirect knows the process of custom token minting that results in crisply detailed impressions and accurate dimensions that exhibit electrical and weight consistency throughout every batch. Our tokens look great, work great, and accept time after time in all standard coin mechanisms. And, TokensDirect's quick turnaround and accurate production scheduling helps customers avoid expensive express freight charges.

At TokensDirect we want to gain every customer’s trust and show you that everyone here takes his or her promises seriously. Give us a try and decide how we measure up to your standards.